What are the cases and effects of Unemployment?

What are the cases and effects of Unemployment?

What are the cases and effects of Unemployment?

Nowadays, many people want to have a good job. However today finding a good job is difficult. Therefore, the unemployment rate is increasing day by day. What I mean is that the number of people who are looking for a job is on the rise. As a result, unemployment is a serious problem. This essay will explain what the causes of unemployment are.

There are two important reasons for unemployment. The first reason is based on overpopulation. Increasing population causes unemployment. Especially, overpopulation is a terible thing China and India. Because of the population in these countries, Unemployment rate is increasng day by day. As a result, working conditions have become difficult. The second reason is based on global and rapid technological change which plays a big role in the unemployment problem now, computers have been replaced by many jobs. In other words, instead of people, machines do business. In that case, it leads to unemployment. The work of the machine is faster and more accurate, but it resulted in higher number of unemployed people. Moreover, the new technological advances are very succsessful in replacing people and satisfying the needs.

In conclusion, there are two important causes of unemployment around the world. These causes are overpopulation and rapid technological change. Two reasons cause unemployment to spread rapidly by badly affecting them.

-Esin Demir

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