What are the causes and effects of stress

What are the causes and effects of stress

What are the causes and effects of stress

Nowadays, most people face a lot of health problems. They deal with many problems in daily life. These problems damge relationships, friendships and communication. Stress starts to comprise a big part of in our life day by day. There are certain things that cause stress. At hte same time, it has its effects. This essay will explain the causes and effects of stress.

There are various reasons why people are under a lot of stress. The first reason is working life. Most people have live diffuculty in working life. These difficulties are based on boss, staff, working hours and working place. Why all make our business life stressful. The second reason is conserning financial problems. Today, many people are suffering from economic problems. Every day, people get fired. Each day comes a raise. That is why life gets harder and harder. The third reason is school life. Most students do not want to go to school in our country. Well, why is that? I am sure, it is beacause of the education system. There are a lot systems in education. These systems cause students to hate schools. Students try hard to adopt to changes in exams. Therefore, they exposed to day.

There are several effects of stress. The first effect is depression. Depression affects people badly. To illustrate, because of the pratracted depression, many workers are unemployed. The second effect is gaining weight. Stressed people are likely to put on weight because stressful people eat a lot of meal. The third effect is sleeping problem. People who are stressed are feel tired all the time. Especially, this problem occurs at nights. Sleepless people are stressed during the day. This situation affects activities during the day.

In conclusion, there are certain things which cause stress and things which are caused by stress. In my opinion, people should reduce the stress. Thus, they will be happy.

-Esin Demir

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