Young people have more problems than adults

Young people have more problems than adults

Young people have more problems than adults

            Nowadays, most young people and adults face problems from time to time. Some of these problems are physical and psychological. However, adults overcome them more succesfully thank young people. In other words, adolescents think that they have more problems every time and they do not know how to deal with these problems. In this essay, I will discuss why young people have more problems than adults.


            There are two important reasons why young people have more problems. The first reason is based on motivation. What I mean is that in general young people feel nervous and worried because of low motivation. As a result, they do not want to make friends, read book, go to cinema, do sport, travel to a new city/country and study. Instead of this, they prefer to do nothing. They are not aware of problems. Unlike young people, adults are aware of their own problems. They know overtake these. The second reason is based on a sense of responsibility. Young people are abdicating from take responsibilities. They are in search of newness. Young people want tol ive freely and without taking responsibility. Therefore, they face problems more and more. Different from young peoplei adults want to have responsibility. Since coinciding a significant incomplete rule for adults. To explain, adults who discharge responsibilities face fewer problems in life. However, young people who do not discharge responsibilities face more problems in life. Therefore, problems accumulate and accumulate for young people.


            In conclusion, young people have more problems than adults. Two of the most important reasons for this are motivation motivation and a sense of responsibility. I think, as long as young people are not aware of them, their problems will increase.

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